Monday, March 7, 2011

RE:Generation 2011? It Just Might Happen

Today on TheLowDown, the once official- now unofficial STS9 Message Board, EP (noted band insider) created a post with the only content being the graphic used at Sector9's 2007 RE:Generation Festival. Also of note in regards to EP's post was the title. No words but rather, 16 spaces laid on like this "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"

Now of course this could mean a number of things. But from the way EP tends to drop hints I think we can safely bet that STS9 will announce a new RE:Generation Festival and Id expect that announcement to come very soon. Possibly within less than 24 hours.

Now- the blank spaces. A lot of words fit in there- sure. A lot of states, cities, and various locations even. EP later posted a comment in the thread with this: 's

I think all parties involved here are taking that as meaning that an 's will be used in the above blank spaces. So, what fits perfectly in that area you might ask... how about:


Now of course, this isn't official- but only time will tell. Bookmark this blog and keep checking back!
RE:Gen 2011? Lets hope so!!!

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