Saturday, May 28, 2011

Setlist: 05/28/11 - Summer Camp - Chillicothe, IL

While Summer Camp is by no means close to either coast or the South, its central location is ideal for bringing crews together from all reaches of the country and acts as a great reunion spot for annual festivalgoers.
Set: Abcees> What Is Love> Rent, 8 & a Extra, Be Nice> Instantly, Grizzly, Grow> Artifact, Moonsocket, EHM, Scheme

Notes: Setlist may be incomplete. Will update with corrections as they are learned.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Download: 03/31/2004 The Quest - Minneapolis, MN

Now closed, The Quest Nightclub was originally opened by local Minnesotan, Prince. Over the years the club started failing and falling apart. This Sound Tribe Sector 9 show took place shortly before the club closed permanently. The Quest is no more but this show lives on through this recording captured by  Steve Pzynski. This source isn't the best, but the song selection and playing make this a true 5 star show.

Set I: Just Thanks, Improv, Movements>4 My Peeps, Glogli, Lifes Sweet Breath, Breathe In, Today

Set II: Luma Daylight, Tokyo, Frequencies 2>3, 4 Year Puma, Orbital

E: Grow

Source: Audience Recording (AKG 463 Microphones - FOB /  Direct Front Center 20' from stage)

Click below to download this show.

Download STS9's 03/31/2004 show here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Setlist: 5/20/11 Hangout Music Festival

Dance party on a private beach? Okay!!! Sound Tribe takes the stage at 7:00pm local time right after Warren Haynes plays his solo set. iClips is streaming the show for FREE so hop on right here and enjoy the show. Setlist updates might be further between tonight since we all have access tonight.

Set: Scheme>Musical Story, Yes> 20-12*, When the Dust Settles**, Inspire Strikes Back, Hi Key, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, Arigato, NewNew 4 U U, Aimlessly, The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature

* First Time Played (Included a Ghobi tease)
** Reworked Fully

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

STS9 Releases New Single & Announces Upcoming EP

After a handful or road-tested appearances, STS9 has decided to release a studio version of their new track, “Scheme”, for free download. You can also stream the track (or if your an audiophile you can pay for a hi-fi version) through 1320RECORDS.COM. This new track is part of a new EP titled ‘When the Dust Settles’ and will be released June 7th on 1320 Records.

Track Listing for 'When The Dust Settles':
Scheme, When The Dust Settles, The Golden Gate, Winter Sun, Scheme Reprise

Download "Scheme" here.

New Album Artwork for the upcoming EP 'When The Dust Settles' By STS9

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

STS9 Announces 2 Festival Dates & 2 Shows in Texas

STS9′s festival announcements for this summer are not done yet! The band is pleased to be among the headliners at the inaugural Red Sky Music Festival, taking place in downtown Omaha, Nebraska this July. Other confirmed acts include 311, George Clinton, Sublime with Rome, even Journey! This is a week long event, with day tickets as low as $15 BUCKS. Can’t beat it. To learn more and to grab tickets, CLICK HERE.

Tribe is also a part of the, new, world-class music festival coming to the great state of Kansas. This August, the Kanrocksas Music Festival debuts with an incredible lineup that includes Eminem, Muse, The Black Keys, Girl Talk & more, taking place at the massive Kansas Speedway August 5th & 6th, this festival is poised to become one of the biggest event of their year in KC Town. For tickets and information, CLICK HERE.

Summer just keeps getting better! STS9 just added two headlining shows at one of their favorite stops… the legendary Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, TX on Friday August 26 & Saturday August 27. Fan club tickets go on sale this Saturday May 21st exclusively through There you will find discounted two-day passes as well as single day tickets. As always, you can also add a download to your order for a 50% discount.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

STS9's Make It Right House Is Complete

STS9 has announced that the “House that STS9 Built” with the help of some amazing fans in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans is complete!

A local family just closed on the house last week and have started to move in. The deserving family rented all their lives in the Lower 9th Ward, raising three sons. The husband has earned a living working as a carpenter for local construction companies and churches while his wife has worked at a popular store in the French Quarter for 15 years. The husband did not evacuate during Katrina. He stayed with the family dog, living in the attic for nearly 3 weeks. He watched boats float by, offering to rescue and take him to safety. He declined, not being able to say goodbye to his home and his neighborhood. It took police officers escorting him out at gunpoint for him to finally leave. They have been through hell. Today however, they are a resilient, stronger, and even hopeful family. The family is beyond grateful to STS9, their fans, and Make It Right. Their MIR home is a dream that’s finally come true.

The home comes with many eco-friendly features, including solar panels, high efficiency HVAC system, wire-free lighting panels, tankless water heater, dual flush toilets, low e windows & doors, a rainwater collection system and water absorbing native landscaping. And, for future storms, the home comes equipped with walls that can withstand 130mph winds, kevlar hurricane shields for the windows and a roof hatch in case an escape is necessary.

Photo By: Eric Rejman      More Photos Here

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Watch: 4/21/11 Move My Peeps

"This is what healing does to someone - Murph back on the road so quick after illness so many fans showing what truly BELOVED means. Bless STS9 and the eternal spirit they create in all of us." - S. Schultz

Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: STS9 Athens Run 4/20 & 4/21 2011

Review By:
Samuel Epstein
There’s really nothing like two nights of STS9 in Georgia and the Athens run were no exception. Not only has Georgia been good to me, Wednesday shows have been historically littered with old-school bust-outs and rare gems. One thing you notice walking into The Classic Center is that this place is – like the name implies – classy. Midweek shows have their advantages and disadvantages – one disadvantage being it is almost impossible for the working crew to make weekdays shows out of town.  As my small crew of three took our seats about five rows in front of soundboard and legendary lighting designer Saxton Waller, the anticipation began to really kick in. The feeling of nostalgia was overwhelming. Bassist David Murphy was back after his cancer treatment and STS9 was back in their home state. The vibe in the place was electric, something I have not felt since the New Year’s Eve run of 2008 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. I found myself referencing that particular run often during the Athens stint because of how similar the vibes turned out to be. With Outkast playing over the PA, the boys came out with the biggest smiles.  Murph was wearing red pants, white suspenders and a baseball cap on his now-bald head. They were back home and ready to party.

“ReEmergence” opened the set and tears could be seen in many fans’ eyes, while I reveled in catching my first in 50 plus shows.They segued masterfully into ”Tap-In” where Murph and his distinct baseline led the way. Such a great start to the show and with new segue, I knew the boys had been practicing. Things were going to be different and special tonight. And different it was as many songs were reworked and played beautifully and in new ways all night. STS9 has gotten much negative reaction from long-time fans for playing the same songs the same way every night but this night turned that notion upside down. “Atlas” was next followed by the best “One A Day” I’d seen since December 29, 2008 – yes, that New Year’s run. Though the song has gotten stale of late, the second half was more jammed out as guitarist Hunter Brown and percussionist Jeffree Lerner shined. A gorgeous rendition of “We’ll Meet In Our Dreams” followed by a phenomenal “From Now On” switched up the mood and had fans ecstatic. It was the best “From Now On” I have ever seen, as Hunter’s guitar line was beautiful and inspiring and not a single note was flubbed. “Once Told” was a perfect change of pace and the crowd was getting down hard after a little ethereal bliss. The bust-out of the night had to be “King’s Pharaoh’s Tomb,” at which old Sector 9 heads could be seen hooting and hollering and standing on chairs unable to contain their excitement. In my 55 shows, it was another first for me. As the funky, slightly reworked “KPT” rang out, cell phones were blowing up with text messages all around me from those streaming on iClips. The boys were back. After a necessary set break to catch my breath, “Wika Chikana” opened the second set getting the crowd moving quickly. Again, the best version I have ever seen. Seemed to be a theme that night. Crowd-favorites “EHM” and “Abcees” followed and had the Classic Center shaking as newer fans got their fill of heavy electronic. It was during the dark “Abcees” where Saxton shined, feeding off the crowd’s immense energy. STS9 continued to switch things up playing – guess what – the best “Grow” I’d ever heard. This song has the unbelievable ability to grab you and take you somewhere music rarely takes you. Though I’ve been disappointed by recent versions, this one had an old-school feel. Two more “best versions ever” followed: “Tooth” and the brand-new “Scheme.” Both songs were reworked and though Scheme is only a few months old, keyboardist David Phipps favored a more organic approach with both songs, playing some epic keyboard and stealing the show. “Moonsocket” to end the night felt so right and this version stands up with any in the last three or four years. The song had some serious flavor to it, with an amazing final section that left the fans screaming for more. A solid “Rent” encore ended the night and for the first time in Georgia since 2008, I walked out of an STS9 show in utter amazement. The best show I’ve seen since that 2008 run – and I was at Boulder Theater September 2010.

I had high hopes for the Thursday night show after the amazing experience the night before. This show had its highlights, but the overall play of the band seemed to be sloppy compared to the night before. “Be Nice” was a great opener and it certainly resonated with the crowd. “Evasive Maneuvers” was fun as well and the new section is growing on me – it’s reminiscent of The Disco Biscuits for sure. Nothing else in the first set really blew my mind. Spoiled from the night before, I went in expecting every song to be reworked or different and that was not the case. The “Equinox,” “Circus,” “F. Word” segment was awesome, though. Hunter’s guitar work impressed me during this section, which was undoubtedly the highlight of the set. “When the Dust Settles,” which along with “Scheme” is another song that debuted over the 2010 New Year’s Eve run, needs some work though it has potential. While Wednesday night’s set felt meticulously planned, Thursday night’s song placement threw me off. The second set started with “Move My Peeps,” a classic among classics.  I remember liking this version but admit I’ve heard much better in recent months. A standard version of “Aimlessly” followed and it dawned on me that the band had probably put a lot more thought into their first show back with emotions riding high. The second set picked up with “Empires” > “Four Year Puma” > “Crystal Instrument” working really well adding some funk to the mix. The real highlight of the night was the “Crystal Instrument” – my favorite version to date with Phipps leading the charge with some melodic playing. Another fan-favorite, “The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature,” closed out the set and “Inspire Strikes Back” followed as the encore.

The first night set a high bar which the second couldn’t live up to – but overall, these two nights were great and it was glad to see the five of them back and playing music together on stage.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: STS9 Saint Louis Run 4/22 & 4/23 2011

Review & Photos By:
Michael G. McClure
Murph’s return, tornadoes touching down, the second half of the run beginning, the heat was coming no matter what. Both shows had very different vibes: the first night brought the funk and the second, the dance.

The boys always play great shows at the Pageant; without a bad spot in the house, and lots of rules, it’s always interesting to observe the situation as a whole. The too fucked up kids chilling in the back, and people getting kicked out left and right, lying low and having a good time is how to play it. If you made it through both nights, congrats - we had a great time…and if not, maybe next year folks.

The first night was where it was at; the real show started after “Grizzly” even though we all loved that “STS9” but “Frequencies” into “Gobnugget” killed it. The funk was in the air, didn’t even mind the “Oil and Water” and “New New” afterward. The second set had so much energy, by far one of the best “What is Love’s!” The tension just kept building and building, and when they released it; even the 17-year-old E-tards knew it was something special. “Mobsters Surr/EB” is always amazing, bringing the energy back to a moderate level just so they could drop “By the Morning Sun”, one of everyone’s favs from Artifact…straight beautiful. “Tokyo” started off great then Hunters mac was having technical issues to the point that they couldn’t continue to the second half(the best half!) Then it felt like they were going to go into some improv, but Murph quickly called a “Hi-Key”, which is never a disappointment. “Instantly” got switched for “Kamuy” which was the perfect way to finish off the first night.

Night two. This was a great set to show up late to, as hard as that is to say, it seems as though all of the real fans did anyway. But those of us who made it in time for “Somesing”…AH! If only we knew what was coming next! “Music, Us” which everyone has still been high from since the NYE run, was oh-so-nice. It was one of the best “ABCees” played in a while, and the “Breathe In” led into the closure of the first set perfectly. The first sets flow was unforgettable. After hearing that they dropped “Scheme” in Georgia, I thought we wouldn’t be getting one, but evidently they are working into their rotation with style; making it better by bringing in some break downs, and laying the foundation for the second set. Once the second set started, it was an entirely different Soundtribe, one I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this year. I hope everyone else noticed when they would get two thirds of the way through a song, especially “TUSON” and “Instantly”, they would go into this dance beat and hold on to it for two minutes. You can tell Saxton was having a blast messing up all the kiddies in the pit! After “Lion”, the biggest breath of fresh air came with “MONKEY MUSIC”. Feeling everyone’s heart heat up was truly unforgettable. The entire time they were playing it, I was like “how can they possibly top this?” and BOOM they go straight into the best part of “R&E”…Phipps’ solo! He was fire the entire weekend BTW. “When the Dust Settles” has been worked on a bit and is getting to be more tolerable…but I really wished they traded that out for a “Firewall”, but I can tell why they didn’t with the crowd that showed that night.

Right when “Arigato” hit, “Tokyo” came to mind, if they brought in part II, the entire Pageant would’ve lost their shit. But it was a great encore nonetheless.

Just seeing the boys back in action and knowing how big of a summer they have lined up, 2011 will surely be a year to look forward to. You can tell they were ecstatic to be on stage playing their hearts out with a healthy Murph. Just catching those moments where Murph and Hunter close in on Phipps, smirkin’ at one another and laughing inside, it was all I could have asked for in this run. They were sincerely enjoying themselves, and the entire crowd could feel their warmth. This was only a warm up round, let’s see how summer builds up to ReGen, see everyone there!