Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Download: 03/31/2004 The Quest - Minneapolis, MN

Now closed, The Quest Nightclub was originally opened by local Minnesotan, Prince. Over the years the club started failing and falling apart. This Sound Tribe Sector 9 show took place shortly before the club closed permanently. The Quest is no more but this show lives on through this recording captured by  Steve Pzynski. This source isn't the best, but the song selection and playing make this a true 5 star show.

Set I: Just Thanks, Improv, Movements>4 My Peeps, Glogli, Lifes Sweet Breath, Breathe In, Today

Set II: Luma Daylight, Tokyo, Frequencies 2>3, 4 Year Puma, Orbital

E: Grow

Source: Audience Recording (AKG 463 Microphones - FOB /  Direct Front Center 20' from stage)

Click below to download this show.

Download STS9's 03/31/2004 show here.

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  1. Those were the days ..... even with the less than perfect sound, this is fantastic.