Saturday, May 19, 2012

Setlist: 5/19/2012 - Hangout Music Fest - Gulf Shores, AL

Set*: Activation > March > Simulator> Rent, Abcees**, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, 20-12, Be Nice, When the Dust Settles, EHM***, Evasive Manuevers> Moonsockets, Scheme, Inspire Strikes Back

Encore: The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature

* Great Cycles Spectacle style, though- using the house lighting rig to replicate the pyramid
** new synth jam, no pretty end segment
*** shirtless bros love the woo'ing


  1. glad i didnt miss anything...
    horrible set list....

    please step it up for the forest, you guys, not this new shit though.

  2. I'm going to have to disagree with this Brent character, AKA Negative Nancy. Just b/c they're not your favorite songs doesn't make it a shitty setlist... the show wasn't just for you, tons of people love those songs. All of their songs are great, be glad they're still playing music for us.

    Just another case of someone hating on artists for not continuing to make the exact same style of art/entertainment for their entire careers...

  3. well this setlist is actually pretty standard... and i agree with brent... they should step it up a notch for the festival steps instead of playing the same rotation of newer songs... just because someone has a different opinion does not mean there a negative nancy and def not hating on the artist and anyone knows that knows the band well can tell you their older material is where the real heat is at.

  4. Abcees ** new synth jam, no pretty end segment ....hope this isnt permanent. the end part of that song is my favorite. why the FUCK does this band consistently take out my favorite parts lol. Kinda like New New 4 UU they reworked that song and removed my favorite part, and its never returned, i don't even like that song anymore

  5. Dont be a douche canoe Brent. You did miss something. The energy at that show was incredible. I was wanting that Be Nice all week before the show and almost lost my shiz when they dropped it. Sick!!!

  6. Great show great night. If you're hating on the set-list then that just means you're jealous you weren't there.