Monday, November 8, 2010

Artifact Vinyl Limited Quantities

STS9 has unearthed a handful of their popular release “Artifact” on vinyl! Released in 2005, this album is now considered a collector’s item among fans, DJ’s& vinyl enthusiasts. To sweeten the deal, you’ll receive Artifact on vinyl, plus a coupon for a FREE STS9 download on as well as a dope assortment of STS9 stickers… ALL for just $20. You can also get the TRIFECTA vinyl package of Artifact, Peaceblaster and Ad Explorata (all on vinyl) which also includes the free download and sticker pack for $30. Track listings are below… GRAB THEM WHILE THEY LAST!

Side A: Possibilites, Tokyo, Vibyl Side B: Peoples, Somesing, Better Day

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