Sunday, November 14, 2010

STS9 Gets Out The Vote


We are proud to say that STS9 and their fans helped HeadCount register 15,000 voters while 25,000 more “pledged to vote” this year! STS9 hosted the 3rd most #’s of tables this year along acts like Furthur and John Mayer and pledged the 4th amount of voters along other top 5 acts like Phish, Dave Matthews Band and more. Y’all are out in large numbers using your voice, and we couldn’t be prouder of our ever growing community! GREAT WORK EVERYONE!


  1. Proud to be part of the STS9 family!

  2. And we are proud to have you Andy! Your involvement with the Phish community and now with HeadCount is an inspiration for a lot of us fans that are trying to play an active role in our scene!