Monday, April 25, 2011

Contest: Review shows and win cool stuff!

Today we are launching a new ongoing contest here at the STS9 News Blog that will let the blog readers share their opinions of Sector9 shows by submitting reviews. If your review gets published you will be entered to win various prizes. Please only submit a review if you were physically in attendance at the show(s) you are reviewing.

So, to start things off we are taking submissions for reviews of the recent run of shows in Athens and Saint Louis. These can be a single show review or a review of the 2-night runs in each city. Make sense? Sweet.  The prize for this time around will be a mint condition show poster from the 2005/2006 STS9 New Years Eve 'Live As Time Changes' concerts in Atlanta, GA!!

Email your reviews to: (200 words minimum. 500+ words preferred.)
Attach any photos you may want included.

The best reviews will be posted here on the blog (w/ all the credit given to you!) so you can share your voice with the STS9 fan base!

Good luck and thanks for all of your love!

Win this poster! (Cooler prizes coming next round, I promise)

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