Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: STS9 6/3/11 Wakarusa Music Festival

Photo: STS9 playing on the Main Stage at Wakarusa 2011

[Show recap by: Cole H.]
We all marched along the pathway leading up to the Main Stage and it seemed as if the entire festival was present for the soon to start STS9 show. The whole crowd found a comfortable spot to plant themselves in as everyone waited anxiously for the guys to come out on stage. They came out gave a wave and started out with a song that most people weren't very familiar with but nonetheless harnessed everyone's focus. David Murphy then greeted the crowd and they quickly went into a song that most people were familiar with causing fans to be pleased already.  Next was a live favorite of most fans, F. Word, which left the crowd bumping to the enchanting groove.

By now the whole field had been filled up with long time fans and curious new comers who were drawn to the stage by the next two songs. One new comer's curiosity was rewarded with the later song Wika Chikana. The track seemed to be the perfect move by the band in order to sway the new comer's opinions. But if the first timers had felt any confusion with the music so far, Shakedown Street brought them back into a safe haven. Now everyone was interested as to what was gonna come next and they dished out their newest track, 20-12 and then switched into the climax of the setlist. When Scheme began, the crowd was completely absorbed into every move the band made. A rush went over the whole field capturing all who were present and leaving them speechless. In order to keep everyone on their toes the band went on to Inspire Strikes Back. This allowed everyone's peak of emotion to slowly transcend downwards to the end of the set.

Finally, Sound Tribe left the crowd with one last bang (What Is Love?) to finish off the impressive setlist. The audience let it all out one last time before the band concluded. Murph bid farewell until the next night. Everyone walked away not only pleased but also grateful that there was another night to look forward to.

Setlist: Intro, When the Dust Settles, Aimlessly, F.Word, The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Wika Chikana, Shakedown Street, 20-12, Interlude, Scheme, Inspire Strikes Back, What is Love?

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