Friday, June 24, 2011

Setlist: 6/24/11 Re:Generation Festival - Horning's Hideout

setlist updates thanks to Nick @

ReEmergence, Grow, Move My Peeps, Somesing, Luma Daylight > Tokyo*, Empires**, New Song/Improv***, Firewall, Tap-In#, Mischief of Sleepwalker, One a Day, Inspire Strikes Back##

* w/ Murph saying "we thought we'd play a bunch of old stuff for you. It'll probably keep going like that"
** w/ Dominic Lalli on saxophone
*** Jazzy sound with great flow. "Everyone was on instruments smiling." (which makes us think its an Improv)
#  End section had Zach going crazy. All four members were just staring at Zach.
## Hunter was teasing Shock Doctrine

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