Friday, December 31, 2010

STS9 Setlist: 12/30/10 Denver, CO

Soundcheck: And Some Are Angels, Gobnugget

Set I: Tap In, Atlas, Grow, Metameme, Vibyl, Crystal Instrument, PB 68 > 08 > Phipps solo (by himself on stage) Zach vs. Free "Drums" >

Hunter vs. Murph
DJ Set: { Remix of Radiohead's "Reckoner" vs. Damien Marley...."It's gettin weird." > Die Antwoord Remix > Caribou > RUN DMC MY ADIDAS > Gax > Breakbot > A/B Machines (Sleigh Bells) > Where is my Mind? (Bassnectar/Pixies Remix) }

Set II:
Be Nice, Lo Swaga, Beyond Right Now, Breathe In, The Rabble, One a Day

Move My Peeps, Wika Chikana

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