Saturday, January 1, 2011

STS9 Setlist: 12/31/10 Denver, CO New Years Eve

This setlist my be incomplete. Check back for updates.

Set 1:
Equinox*, Inspire Strikes Back*, Rilly Wut?, Abcees, Grizzly, What is Luv?, Economic Hit Man, When The Dust Settles (New Song)

Set 2: NewNew4UU**, Uptight***, F Word***, TUSON, Instantly, Evasive Manuevers, Rent

Encore: Hi-Key, Oil & Water, Baraka

Notes: *Jeffery was not on stage for Equinox or Inspire Strikes Back. **I really wish the name Mali Fedora would have stuck for this song. ***Uptight (Everything's Alright) is a Stevie Wonder song and featured Dominic Lali on Saxophone.

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