Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free Download: 3/04/2004 The Masquerade - Tampa, FL

 Set 1: Freq. 2>3, Movments>4 My Peeps, Mishchief of a Sleepwalker, We'll Meet In Our Dreams, STS9, From Now On, Glogli

Set 2: Grow, Luma Daylight, What Is Love, Tokyo, Circus, Rilly Wut, And Some Are Angels

This is a live audience recording and was taped by: Zach Sheeran
Download show here.

This show is absolutely looovely from start to finish" - JimmyJ

"I think the first set is off the hook, especially since they open with a lot of d&b numbers. And the second set is especially ill...and on top of all that it's clear recording with the right amount of everything." -WhatTheDeallZ

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