Monday, July 11, 2011

STS9 Finally Releases Re:Generation Soundboards

After much anticipation in the fanbase, STS9 has finally released the soundboards from their recent Re:Generation Festival, which took place on Bob Horning's land out in rural Oregon. This 4 show release contains 8+ hours of high-geared Sound Tribe and is sure to be a hot seller for the band.

Along with the audio releases, STS9 has loaded up with new posters, shirts and more for all of us Tribe fans to enjoy!

Check below for Re:Generation setlists and links to purchase the official show downloads!

2011.06.24 :: ReGeneration Festival :: Horning’s Hideout, OR
SET: Intro, ReEmergence, Grow, Move My Peeps, Somesing, Luma Daylight, Tokyo, Empires*, Improv / Jam*, Firewall*, Tap-In, Mischief of a Sleepwalker, One A Day, Inspire Strikes Back
*w/Dom Lalli (Big Gigantic)
2011.06.25 :: ReGeneration Festival :: Horning’s Hideout, OR
SET I: Intro, This Us >, Instantly, Shock Doctrine, Frequencies 2 > 3, Four Year Puma, Arigato, NIN Intro -> Tooth, When the Dust Settles
SET II: The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Golden Gate, F. Word, Water Song, Aimlessly, 20-12, Scheme, Rent
E: Breathe In, We’ll Meet in our Dreams
2011.06.26 :: Axe the Cables :: ReGeneration Festival :: Horning’s Hideout, OR
SET: Equinox, From Now On, Moon Socket, South of Here, Glen Tells Kengo, Untitled, The New Soma, Circus, Roygbiv > Dance
2011.06.26 :: ReGeneration Festival :: Horning’s Hideout, OR
SET I: Intro, Really What?, Beyond Right Now, Kamuy, Peoples, Crystal Instrument, STS9, Lo Swaga, Orbital
SET II: Be Nice, Abcees, Hubble, 8 & a extra, Moon Socket, Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, What is Love?, EHM

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