Sunday, January 2, 2011

STS9 Setlist & Video: 1/1/11 Aspen, CO's 'Polar Eclipse'

Set 1: Gobnugget, Nautilus, Satori, 4 Year Puma, King Pharoah's Tomb, From Now On, And Some Are Angels, Dance, Hubble

Set 2: Tokyo Remix > Luma Daylight > Tokyo, Mobsters > Surreality >EB, Once Told, When the Dust Settles, Scheme

Encore 1: Monkey Music, Kaya

Encore 2: Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature + Drake > EHM + Easy E

Notes: When the Dust Settles & Scheme were the only repeats of the entire 4 night run, also they were the only new songs played. Kaya was reworked to include a reggae jam. The fire alarm in the venue went off 4 times during the show.

Watch the 1st set in its entirety thanks to MetaSpace Designs!

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