Friday, January 28, 2011

An Update On Murph

From the band:

First  and foremost, David, STS9 and their families can’t thank all of you  enough for your incredible support through the past week since the  announcement of David’s cancer.  We’ve received thousands of notes,  prayers, well wishes and support all the way from Japan to Antarctica.   David went into a nearly 9 hour surgery Wednesday morning and has since  been on a steady path of recovery.   He’s awake, standing when he can,  and overall in great physical form given what he went through just 48  hours ago.  While the path to recovery is a long one, you can see the  warrior that is our brother Murph every step of the way.   He’s well  aware of the outpouring of support for him and he’s simply floored by  it, as are all of us.  We are all blessed and honored to have so many  people surrounding us in numerous ways through this challenge.  We will  continue to keep everyone updated as the days and weeks go by.

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